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   We are 10 years old!
In December 2005 we posted the first video on the site.
We are thankful to our visitors and members. And we give you bonuses.
The first five members of the 2005 - free access to the site.
One more surprise - in December. 3 months membership for a month price.

    FlexVideo is a collection of artistic flexible videos showing the hottest contortion scenes from TV shows, films, fitness trainings and striptease shows.
    There`s also a special section devoted to explicit home videos with hot flexible girls doing sexy gymnastics on cam. The most exciting thing about FlexVideo is that you`ll see real fitness amateurs, rhythmic gymnasts and next-door flexible girls but not professional models you can see anywhere on the net.
    The site shows very exclusive contortion content you won`t find on any other site.

The site is  updated every  week.   

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